Cavin kare history future

In an interview with rediff. As I was poor in academics, he wanted me to either do agriculture or start a business. I was the odd one out.

Cavin kare history future

RanganathanThe pioneer of novelty Published On: Coming from a Cavin kare history future background, he is considered to be one of the simplest and most humble human beings alive. Under his inspirational leadership, the company has domestically and internationally expanded into almost every product of FMCG such as Personal Care, Food, Beverages, Dairy and Snacks etc along with a huge chain of salons across India.

Being the pioneer of novelty, C. Ranganathan has always felt the need to make a difference to the society and has done that by improving the lifestyle of consumers by shaping the company to create innovative products, combining the best of nature and technology.

He is one man that has shown the world that even after being standalone it is possible to beat the MNCs in the most difficult sector of fast moving consumer goods. Other than that; Mr. Ranganathan has actively supported and been a part of philanthropy and has done so, mostly in the field of education.

Out of the four children of Chinni Krishnan; Ranganathan was poor in studies and unlike the rest, he went to Tamil medium school. And just as expected — two of his brothers became doctors and the third one became a lawyer.

In JuneC. And his entrepreneurial talent was first noticed during his childhood when he used to earn his own pocket money out of his pet business at that time.

He felt liquid along with many other products could also be packed in sachets and used to follow that model way before any other brand even thought about it. Very rightly; he believed that sachets were the product of the future.

But due to poor marking skills his father could not go long. Now just when Ranganathan entered college, his father passed away; soon after which, his brothers took charge of the family business. Ranganathan inafter completing his studies; decided to join the family business.

During that time; his brothers had launched Velvette Shampoo. He continued for another eight to nine months and eventually left the business because of many clashes on point-of-views. Now, all he knew was manufacturing and all he had was INR 15, that he had saved from his salary; no marketing, operations or finance!

Confident about himself and his ideas; Ranganathan decided to move on without taking any stake in the property or business.


Eventually that turned out to be a blessing-in-disguise; a defining moment for him! For roughly a week; he brushed through all the businesses he could do, the things he was good at — which apparently were just making shampoo and rearing pets.

After a lot of brainstorming; he decided to go with Shampoo! And lastly, for INR 3, he bought a shampoo-packing machine. At the age of just 24; when he started on his own, he clearly understood the ground reality, his strengths and his weaknesses.

Now in the first month, they sold only 20, sachets, which although was not even close to covering the expenses but was indeed a good start.

Inhe moved to Chennai with aims of better prospects but continued the manufacturing unit in Cuddalore itself. And after 18 years, in CavinKare [renamed from Chik India in ] apart from being the number one in south India and many other states, had an estimated annual sale of INR 1, crore and by the company was valued at INR 3, crores.

During the course of his journey; apart from the many, the biggest and the most difficult challenge Ranganathan or CavinKare has faced so far was when Manmohan Singh the finance minister inwithdrew concessions on excise duties for small companies.

Due to this sudden change; there were two options in front of him: He chose the latter and very smartly solved the problem by hiring top-class talent from the IIMs.

From here onwards some of the major milestones achieved by the company are mentioned below:CavinKare started in as Chik India is an Indian multinational headquartered in Chennai, India!

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Neil A Burns LLC | Surfactant Blog In an interview with rediff. As I was poor in academics, he wanted me to either do agriculture or start a business.

In , Chik India was first renamed to Beauty Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. and was subsequently changed to CavinKare Pvt. Ltd. in Dec 25,  · CavinKare is an innovation led, thought driven organisation that values people, society and the ecosystem. At CavinKare, we innovate diligently and it shows in the products we make.

In , we ran a contest among our employees for a name and one of them suggested CavinKare; with C and K spelt in capitals. CK, my father's initials. Cavin in Tamil means beauty and grace. Surfactants Monthly Review – October Mob Rule October was a great month.

I spent a week in India with some of the most committed, enthusiastic and, yes, passionate people in the world. Cavin Kare - History & Future Words | 13 Pages.

Cavin kare history future

sachet revolution, and mass marketing in rural areas, CavinKare has grown from a Rs 15, venture to a company making a turnover of Rs crores. The History and Future of the Internet Many believe the internet was an over night sensation, that one day, someone invented the internet and it spread in popularity faster than Tickle Me Elmo or the Macarena.

The inspiring success story of CavinKare