College reading and writing assessments

Understand the expectations for reading and writing assignments in college courses.

College reading and writing assessments

Effective June 27,MDC students have a total of two placement test attempts one initial attempt and one retest on each subtest of the placement test for initial placement prior to enrollment in any course within that subject area.

college reading and writing assessments

Prior to the 2nd attempt students must complete a test preparation option. Placement scores are valid for two years.

Taking the PERT

After the two-year period, since scores are no longer valid for placement, students who have not yet started a subject area are free to retake the test two additional times as long as the score s have not been used for placement.

This would occur if the authorized student achieves the State required placement score for entry into college-level coursework. The decision to allow re-testing for students who started developmental education courses REA, ENC, or MAT should be made on an individual basis and have the best interest of the student in mind.

Test Preparation Options for 1st retest attempt Students must provide documentation to the test administrator that verifies alternative remediation has occurred since their prior attempt. Such remediation might include, but is not limited to, taking a practice or diagnostic test, attendance at workshops and grant programs, receiving tutorial assistance, enrolling in special courses e.

The documentation must confirm the nature, time sand date s of the remediation completed using one of the following: A student verification form attesting to completion of one or more of the test prep options may also be used.

Taking the PERT - Assessments - Valencia College

Once remediation is complete; the student will receive permission to retest. The initial test counts as the first attempt and re-taking any subtest counts as the second and final attempt during any of the two or three year periods.

For any subsequent attempts, the student must wait at least three months between administrations. Remediation is required between administrations. All referrals for retesting students who started developmental education instruction in a subject area must be approved by the department chairs or their designee.

This includes students returning from suspension, students who fall under the three time, or four time course repeat rule and students who have completed Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary, private, or any MDC based provider instruction as an alternative to traditional college preparatory instruction.

Retesting authorizations must be processed by entering a comment for the student in the College's student record keeping system. All first-time-in-college FTIC students begin with zero attempts.COMPASS READING SKILLS SAMPLE TEST The COMPASS Reading Skills Placement Test focuses on items that assess reading comprehension, the ability to .

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college reading and writing assessments

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