Do what makes you happy not what makes you money the importance of job satisfaction

Are richer people more satisfied with their lives? This is what every economist, philosopher and psychologist who works on this topic expects to see. The interesting question is how fast that happens.

Do what makes you happy not what makes you money the importance of job satisfaction

Retire Before Dad March 30, at 8: Seems like your corporate career was a lucrative one. I just learned if I meet my goal of 55 at this company, I can use their health benefits until Medicare. Curious if you have continued health care after you retire. There is no destination in life, only a journey.

Good way to look at it. In the past, happiness at work was not a priority. Frankie Fully Franked Finance March 29, at Hating your job is an absolute sign that you need to change something.

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I know personally that making a move to work you enjoy more can completely change your outlook on life. However, I take job security for granted.

It was easy for me to get another job. But other places, or when the economy is in bad shape, not everybody has that luxury. The unemployment I just experienced keeps me a bit more grounded now.

10 Reasons Why Following Your Passion Is More Important Than Money

Marc March 30, at 8: But I still look forward to retirement all the time. Joe April 3, at 3: I disagree with your wife, though. If the job is not good, then just move on. It really depends on your location too.

The journey is long, so you might as well enjoy the view.Unlike other nursing jobs, the charity’s hospice nurses are allocated just one child to look after. “You really get to know the child and their family,” Carrodeguas says.

“Plus, it’s less rushed than nursing in a hospital and you get to do fun activities with the children. Recent research by Professors Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson suggests that money has a clear connection to life satisfaction, but the effect of wealth on daily happiness is murkier.

Dec 18,  · If you want more evidence that time with friends is beneficial for you, research proves it can make you happier right now, too. Social time is highly valuable when it comes to improving our. There’s a reason you’re not happy, and it’s inside your own head.

For example your brain thinks it wants you to have a job where you earn a $, It also thinks it wants you to spend time on Facebook, every single day. It thinks these things will make you happy, but do they? We’ve all been told money won’t make us happy, but.

Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life. ~Michael Leboeuf There are people who have money and people who are rich.

Do what makes you happy not what makes you money the importance of job satisfaction

~Coco Chanel This planet has — or rather had — a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. While you look for the dream career or job that will make you happy, whatever job you are doing now must significantly contribute to your is the crucial importance of job satisfaction.

It is true there are elements of work you cannot control. For example, company policies, who your boss is, your salary level, your colleagues’ .

Importance of Job Satisfaction