Genghis khan know how to write and read

Contact Author Genghis Khan is a name that resonates with all who have heard of his harrowing exploits. History books portray him as a brutal emperor who massacred millions of Asian and Eastern European people.

Genghis khan know how to write and read

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Visit Website Did you know? Mongol leader Genghis Khan never allowed anyone to paint his portrait, sculpt his image or engrave his likeness on a coin.

The first images of him appeared after his death. Shortly thereafter, Temujin killed his older half-brother and took over as head of the poverty-stricken household.

At one point, he was captured and enslaved by the clan that had abandoned him, but he was eventually able to escape.

In Temujin married Borte, with whom he would have four sons and an unknown number of daughters. He launched a daring rescue of Borte after she too was kidnapped, and he soon began making alliances, building a reputation as a warrior and attracting a growing number of followers.

Genghis Khan Unites the Mongols Going against custom, Temujin put competent allies rather than relatives in key positions and executed the leaders of enemy tribes while incorporating the remaining members into his clan.

He ordered that all looting wait until after a complete victory had been won, and he organized his warriors into units of 10 without regard to kin. Though Temujin was an animist, his followers included Christians, Muslims and Buddhists.

By he had vanquished all rivals, including his former best friend Jamuka. The following year, he called a meeting of representatives from every part of the territory and established a nation similar in size to modern Mongolia.

In order to suppress the traditional causes of tribal warfare, he abolished inherited aristocratic titles. He also forbade the selling and kidnapping of women, banned the enslavement of any Mongol and made livestock theft punishable by death. Moreover, Genghis Khan ordered the adoption of a writing system, conducted a regular census, granted diplomatic immunity to foreign ambassadors and allowed freedom of religion well before that idea caught on elsewhere.

After a series of raids, the Mongols launched a major initiative in that brought them to the doorstep of Yinchuan, the Xi Xia capital. Unlike other armies, the Mongols traveled with no supply train other than a large reserve of horses. The army consisted almost entirely of cavalrymen, who were expert riders and deadly with a bow and arrows.

At Yinchuan, the Mongols deployed a false withdrawal—one of their signature tactics—and then initiated a siege. Though their attempt to flood the city failed, the Xi Xia ruler submitted and presented tribute. From tothe outnumbered Mongols ravaged the countryside and sent refugees pouring into the cities.

Food shortages became a problem, and the Jin army ended up killing tens of thousands of its own peasants. In the Mongols besieged the capital of Zhongdu now Beijingand the Jin ruler agreed to hand over large amounts of silk, silver, gold and horses.

When the Jin ruler subsequently moved his court south to the city of Kaifeng, Genghis Khan took this as a breach of their agreement and, with the help of Jin deserters, sacked Zhongdu to the ground. The sultan there had agreed to a trade treaty, but when the first caravan arrived its goods were stolen and its merchants were killed.Oct 30,  · After my first interview with Genghis Khan Interview with Dracula You already know all about my superior, supernatural method of interviewing if you read my previous interviews with Genghis Kahn and Napoleon kaja-net.coms: I read quite a few books, and few really alter my world view.

This book changed my perception of Genghis Khan and the times in which he lived in a fundamental way.5/5(5). He was also proclaimed Chinggis Khan, which roughly translates to “Universal Ruler,” a name that became known in the West as Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan Establishes an Empire Having united the steppe tribes, Genghis Khan ruled over some 1 million people.

Genghis Khan, ruthless leader of the Mongols and sovereign over the vastest empire ever ruled by a single man, was both god and devil - not just in the Middle Ages, but for centuries to come.

genghis khan know how to write and read

Genghis Khan (born Temüjin, c. – August 18, ) was the founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death.

genghis khan know how to write and read

He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia. After founding Successor: Ögedei Khan. Genghis Khan, Genghis also spelled Chinggis, Chingis, Jenghiz, or Jinghis, original name Temüjin, also spelled Temuchin, (born , near Lake Baikal, Mongolia—died August 18, ), Mongolian warrior-ruler, one of the most famous conquerors of history, who consolidated tribes into a unified Mongolia and then extended his empire across Asia to the Adriatic Sea.

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