How to build an hr department

While competitors struggle with maintaining an experienced and motivated workforce, your company can focus more on productivity and increased sales when your HR department plays an integral role in your workforce development. Human resources can ultimately help locate, hire, train and maintain a finely tuned and productive workforce. Hire Professionals with Experience Human resource professionals vary in the kinds of skills and experience they bring to a job. Many are administrators proficient at processing payroll and executing benefits programs, but have little more leadership status than your clerical workers.

How to build an hr department

Email I get a number of emails from people who have problems at work, go to HR and end up worse off than they were previously. Shouldn't HR step in and fix problems? There are times you should absolutely ask and expect HR to help you out, but there are other times when going to HR may not be your best move.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide: When you must go to HR If there is illegal conduct with respect to how you are being treated in the workplace.

HR is legally bound to investigate the situation. If your complaint is found to be valid, they are required to act. If you do have such a complaint to make, don't do it casually.

Write it up and send it in an email, copying your home email address, with the subject line "Formal Complaint of Sexual Harassment," or whatever your complaint is.

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If you want to take advantage of a government protection. For example, if you've just been diagnosed with cancer, you'll want protection from the Family Medical Leave Act, and you should go to HR to take care of the paperwork.

How to build an hr department

If you have a disability and need accommodations, you need to formally request the accommodation from your Human Resources department. Your manager will be involved, but HR will know what to do and how to do it.

If you notice anything else illegal going on. Health and safety violations? HR isn't necessarily the right place to go, but they will know what you should do. They will also know how to document and get your complaint pushed to the top. Lots of companies have anonymous hotlines for things like this, but if your company doesn't, and you don't know who to speak to, come to HR.

You have a problem with or question about your company-provided health insurance. HR manages those plans. We have contacts and can sometimes fix things. When you must not go to HR You've done nothing to solve the problem yourself.

HR is not like a playground teacher whose job it is to solve all problems and stop bullies from acting. If your coworker chomps on gum all day, driving you to distraction, don't come to HR until you've mentioned it to her. When you're actually the problem. If your complaint is that your boss is mean -- before you show up in the HR department, ask yourself what the real problem is.

It's not mean if your boss to tells you that you have to be on time to work in the morning, take only 30 minutes for lunch, and get your work done. Likewise, if you're upset that your coworker got the promotion and you didn't, yet she does twice the work you do, coming to us won't help your case.

When you haven't done your homework. You think your salary is too low?

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HR will hear you out, but you better have some pretty good evidence before you come in. For instance, is your official job description not reflective of what you actually do?

Do you have information that shows that people in similar jobs make more money than you do? If the answer to both of these questions is no, we can't help. You want other people to change.

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We all want other people to change, but if the problem isn't actually a legal one, you're going to have far better luck if you come to HR with the question of "what can I do differently" rather than "can you make Jane behave differently.HR pros play a lot of roles -- employee liaison, culture keeper, people leader, coach.

But here’s a new idea -- the best ones are also marketers. With an HR department that participates in defining and implementing company goals, you can rely on your human resources team to consider the company’s profitability with each decision they make.

The forward-thinking human resource department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines and support within companies. Additionally, the human resource function serves to make sure that the company mission, vision, values or guiding principles, the company metrics, and the factors that keep the .

The HR department can make good use of an employee handbook to save themselves from various kinds of lawsuits. Why is an Employee Handbook Important? The handbook acts as a book of rules that defines a code of conduct for all employees.

In this article, we explore, 1) the importance of human capital, 2) HR as a source of competitive advantage, 3) building your team, 4) obtaining business services, 5) subcontracting, and 6) your first (and subsequent) hires.

HR budget takes into account the organization's business activities. You may notice that the money put aside to maintain or improve the HR function is connected to the activities of the organization..

For example, when the organization plans to venture into new areas of business activities or to increase its presence in a certain sector of the economy, it needs additional manpower.

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